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Put the ease back into ​creating what matters.

About Us

Founded in 2013 by Cigdém Kobu, Mindfulist is a ​US-based company dedicated to helping visionary ​people discover a sense of joy, aliveness and ​clarity in their creative and entrepreneurial ​pursuits.

Our approach employs the triple power of inquiry, ​empathy and story, with a dash of simplicity.

Our step-by-step tools, in-depth programs and ​stimulating gatherings will give you opportunities ​for reflection and renewal, from which you can ​step into creating what matters to you the most.

With restored vitality, confidence and ease.

"The most regretful people on Earth are those who ​felt the call to creative work, who felt their own ​creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it ​neither power nor time."


Express ​yourself.

“After participating in

Cigdém’s programs, my way of ​thinking about the challenges ​and obstacles in my life has ​shifted. I’ve developed a new ​mental approach and attitude

to deal with them. Each of her ​offers is an opportunity to ​put ourselves first for a ​change.”


Cultural Anthropologist

& Professor, USA


your gifts.


your mark.

“This is the most sacred and ​safest space to write I've ​discovered online. And this ​class is a great way of ​gathering content for a book.

It was delightful. What a ​wonderful experience and a ​fantastic collection of ​writers and writing! I'm going ​to miss this group."

“I would have never been able

to do on my own all the deep ​digging that Cigdém guided me ​through. My business is now ​booming in all directions.

Great new clients, speaking ​gigs, teaching, art. I'm so ​happy!"


Executive Leadership Coach, ​Coach Trainer & Author, UK


Author, Artist

& Creativity Coach, USA

Muse Letters

Resources and gifts for ​your life & business

Imagine finding a bundle of treasures in your ​inbox: stories that grip you, prompts that spark ​your ideas, resources that save you time, ​conversations with people who inspire you.

You’ll also have first dibs on our tools, ​templates and groups. We email the Muse Letters ​once a week, on Sundays. Don’t miss the next ​issue!

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"This is one of the best newsletters I’ve had in a ​long time!”

— J. HUNTER, Writer

Express ​yourself.

“I’m thrilled by the chance to ​experience this whole ​different way of thinking ​about writing. Deeply ​personal, evocative and ​inspiring. The whole program ​was beautiful in its structure ​and detail. Thank you Cigdém ​for the richness of your ​unique creativity and care.”


Photographer, Author & Social ​Entrepreneur, IRELAND


your gifts.


your mark.

“Writing. Stamina. I love this ​experience. Our writing is ​becoming a string of stories ​that paint a much larger ​picture. The words are flowing ​and they just won’t stop. ​Maybe I will write that book ​some day.”

“Cigdém offers a unique blend ​of powerful business ​discussions cloaked in an ​amazingly clear-eyed and kind ​global view. She’s fully ​present, amazingly available, ​egalitarian, truthful, funny. ​And she has a depth of ​knowledge and resources that ​are astounding.”


Writer & Business Consultant, ​USA


Ceramic and Fiber Artist & ​Designer, USA

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